Ozolio is a live HD webcam streaming service that increases brand awareness, community engagement, website traffic, and visitor conversions. We enable clients to deliver interactive and engaging HD video to audiences online 24/7

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We have developed a solution for travel destinations and unique attractions to get the highest return out of their digital marketing strategy by fully leveraging their location, facilities, and attractions. Ozolio works with fortune 500 companies and is trusted to provide customized solutions with the highest level of support in the industry.

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While you focus on building trust and brand awareness with your audience through live streaming, Ozolio reduces your local bandwidth requirements by 98%. Not only does this protect your local area network, but it also reduces infrastructure costs and maintenance for your business.

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With Ozolio Live Stream Solution you are in control!

► Share #LIVE to social:
• Generate more awareness and automatically publish your live videos directly to Facebook and YoutubeLive
► Customize your video player
• Upload your own logo, advertisements, and CTAs for your audience to take action
► White-Label Provider
• Unlike other video platforms, all of the content on the player is your own. Upload your own preload and brand advertisements.
► Easy Embedding
• We automatically generate an embed code for you, so all you need to do is copy and paste to give your video a home on your site.
► Create Video Recordings and Timelapses
• Auto-record a daily timelapse or slideshow, and set this recording to play at night or when your camera is offline.
► PTZ Control and Privacy
• Viewers can take control of their viewing experience with PTZ options.
► Management and Reporting
• Generate reports on viewers activity such as average view time, viewer location and devices
► Mobile & Browser Friendly
• The Ozolio player works seamlessly on all desktops and mobile devices while supporting as many browser options as possible.

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