Today, I unbox and set up my sony a6300 as my webcam for my Chromebook. Now, the webcam built in to my Acer Chromebook 15 is actually one of the better ones I’ve ever seen, but the location leaves much to be desired, and I just want better.

I want better because I am planning on appearing on line in youtube live streams, webinars, web conferencing, and soon some other livestreaming. And I’ve tried using an El Gato HD Game Capture device, which is what I used to create the chromebook web video screen capture, but this didn’t work for webcams in apps like Google Hangouts.

This simple device was able to solve that problem for me and the Sony a6300 was instantly detectable in Hangouts. It’s marvelous.

Cam Link:

Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter:

If you have any questions about this setup, please feel free to leave me a message in the comments.

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