Live Stream With The HCX1 With
Elgato Cam Link Live Stream Connector

You wouldn’t traditionally think that a professional style video camera that costs $3,000 would be something you would use as a web cam, but for just another $130 you can get an HDMI video capture device that will allow you to do so. While using your Panasonic HC-X1 as a Web Cam for things like Skype seems kind of weird, the KEY way to utilize the camera as a web cam is to use it for live streaming or to run a live stream show on YouTube.

Connecting your Panasonic HCX1 with the Elgato Cam Link Adapter, lets you use this (and other) Panasonic camera as a web cam. Then, utilizing the FREE and awesome OBS Studio software, you can create some awesome Live Stream content. Yes, you can do this with your existing web cam. But, if you’ve got this camera, the output looks WAY BETTER and can output in 1080 at 60 FPS.

Using this camera with some good lighting makes for a great “studio show”, using the webcam you already have as a camera B. You can do this and save time with LIVE GREEN SCREEN output, saving hours of time in post production for quick videos (the quality and green screen work is good but not amazing).

If you have any questions, let me know. My other channel Wheres Barry ( has 15,000 subscribers, partly because of all the live stream content I provided. I can help with basic OBS and streaming issues, especially with the HC-X1. YouTube also has lots of great OBS tutorial and troubleshooting info.

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