Fujifilm XT30 is going on adventure with me! I do love a good Fujifilm camera, so when I finally got my hands on this compact XT30, I was excited to take this little one for a spin. At just under $900, this camera definitely steps it up from the Fujifilm XT20 ►http://geni.us/wUrWulZ (Amazon) | http://geni.us/BbOE4 (B&H Photo)

Shooting photos on this camera was awesome, and of course, the colors were fantastic. Video options have been improved, but in this video, I will address some of the things I needed from the Fujifilm XT30, to be a keeper. I’m going to travel all over Sausalito, CA to test everything out, so feel free to jump to the time codes below for test footage. Overall, the XT30 packs the latest technology and is a great camera for travel photographers looking for compact gear at all levels of photography.

Video Time Codes:
►XT30 Pros: 02:20
►Golden Gate Bridge Broll Sample: 03:13
►Transfer Photos Using Fuji App: 04:10
►XT30 Slow Motion 120FPS Footage: 05:21
►My Wishlist For The Future (Cons): 06:22
►XT30 Photo Image Samples: 09:25
►Final Thoughts: 10:10

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Fujifilm X-H1: http://geni.us/oDGn8t
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Moza Air 2: http://geni.us/rzTOgkS
Weebil Lab: https://geni.us/Kl8xx
Sennheiser AVX Lav Mic: http://geni.us/WBe5LI


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Sun Gazing – Emily Rubye

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