Burlington County NJ Squirrel Feeder Live Cam / Bird Feeder Cam / Wildlife Cam

Short stream, will be using this cam on my Twitch stream in a bit ( twitch.tv/kimberlyteed )…

Windy Thursday. No complaints, the last few days were awful, humid, hot, bleck. At the start of this broadcast the wind is NNW 16 mph + 78*F. Put a Dollar Tree Scarecrow by the tree, but the wind turned it sideways, lol. Oh well, it’s simply lovely!

Today’s treats:
.. from Aldi – a pototo roll, 2 hamburger rolls, multi-grain tortilla chips, and sliced Italian bread; whole slices and torn-up pieces
.. from Tractor Supply – sunflower seeds, suet, regular bird seed, and in shell, unsalted, roasted peanuts
.. from Walmart – seed & mealworm treat cake
.. and, as always, fresh water.

About the Squ’abies! Cam (- Squirrels + Babies = Squ’abies! -) :
I always find it relaxing to watch my squirrel and bird feeders. This one is different, it’s on a really, really busy road. Instead of peaceful tweeting and crowing of birds there’s a hectic hustle ‘n bustle as 19,000+ vehicles pass-by each day. I’m sure there’s a life lesson to be gained by watching these critters focus on their business despite the noise…….
—Kimberly Teed

Squ’abies! cam e-stablished May 2017
squabies.com | instagram.com/squabies

Squ’ablies! Cam is now on Instagram @squabies .. will go through the videos, edit out the downtimes and capture Instagram’able photos. If you see something that would make for a good pic, let me know.

Support this stream, buy…
* Healthy pet food, no recalls in its history .. food.wellthypups.com
* Domains & Website hosting .. www.teedhosting.com

* Temperature is Fahrenheit : Time is Eastern *

Past treat trials ‘n errors:
Yay –hard-boiled eggs, chopped-up, shell and all
Meh –“Squirrel Log” only seems to be yummie to birds
Boo –Using the generic, white bag with maroon lettering bird seed –birds don’t like the brown seeds in this mix, and it’s mostly the brown seeds.
Boo –Watermelon, nope
Boo –Raisins are lying on the ground, all swollen and ignored
Boo –Blueberries were a bust, not popular at all


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