Youtube is ban in china .It’s Premium video not live stream.Thank you.
Known to be number 1 best pubg player in the world.XFQ Paraboy (Peacekeeper Elite International Championship 2019 Winner, the Record holder for Highest damage in any PUBG Mobile Official Tournament) Also hold the highest kills record in the tournaments.
Player Information:
Romanized Name:Zhu Bocheng
Birth:February 12, 2002 (age 18)
Country:China China
Team:Nova Esports/China
Approx. Total Earnings:$147,448.98
Alternate IDs:伞兵
Real Name- Zhu Bocheng
Kd Ratio =8+
Controls 4 Claw in TTP /3 Claw in FFP
Gyro- Scope Only
Character- Id 459812745
Device Name- oppo ace 2
Before judge the player judge enemy first because any one with little skill can kill 20+ enemy in noob lobby
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