Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) is one of the most unique tour destinations in Africa. Located in Northern Tanzania, Ngorongoro as most people refer to it; is famously known for its vast diverse beauty in nature, landscape, wildlife and cultures. At a world stage Ngorongoro is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Man and Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO Global GeoPark.
In the wake of the Corona pandemic, Ngorongoro finds itself in what has become an all too familiar phenomenon with the rest of the global population in the fight against the spread of the Corona virus. Most countries have taken the necessary steps to protect and save lives of their citizens by instituting lockdowns and travel restrictions.
We at Ngorongoro are in support of people’s safety and protection first above all else. As we all fight against the virus, we would like the global community to know that we are committed to continue protecting the wildlife, cultural and natural resources found within the area.
The current lockdowns and restrictions have made it difficult for most people to travel and physically reach destinations such as ours. We are aware of many conservation and nature lovers who are experiencing a deprivation of directly interacting with nature during this time, We join the global community in the fight against corona. Please stay home, stay safe and stay connected with us via our online live stream and social media.

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