Watch the unexpected moment a guide gets off the vehicle to follow fresh lion tracks, and follows the tracks right into the pride itself!

When it comes to the unexpected in nature, Steve Faulconbridge, an experienced safari guide from the live streaming service, SafariLive, can tell you all about it.
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The following footage was streamed live, to thousands of people, while steve went for a Safari drive in Djuma, Greater Kruger National Park.

Steve, from SafariLIVE, had just spotted fresh tracks of the Nkuhuma lion pride Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa and decided to follow them.
The presenter, who grew up in Johannesburg, jumps off his vehicle when he gets to a junction, having spotted more lion marks in the sand.

Steve is filmed in the video demonstrating how to track lions. He was busy explaining about examining fresh tracks and how to determine where they lead when he got a huge surprise!

Steve had no idea that he would walk almost straight into a pride of lions, but it seemed that they were just as surprised as he was when the lioness jumped up from behind the tall grass they were resting in.

He was definitely on the right path while tracking. From his body language, you can see that his years of experience has taught him well. One must never turn your back to the danger, and, never start running. All through this dramatic episode, he kept calm and backed away from the pride, back to the vehicle. A lot of viewers were totally shocked and just as pleasantly surprised by the sighting. One can’t help but wonder what would have happened next, had the lioness not jumped up.

If you want a guide or a tracker, go with Steve he will literally lead you into them!

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