In this video, we review how to live stream directly to YouTube with a PTZOptics webcam. The PTZOptics webcam sets a new standard for video production quality for webcams and here’s how…. The first thing you need to do is set up your PTZOptics webcam. You can clamp mount your webcam to the top of any display or securely fasten your webcam to any tripod. Consider using a cool ring light like the one we have here.

Let’s use the PTZOptics ring light and plug in the USB 2.0 port to our computer. Navigate to your YouTube page and in the top right area of the page click the camera button and choose “Go Live”. At the top of this page click the webcam button. This will create a new stream that you can name. You can decide whether you want your live stream to be available to the public, unlisted or private. If you choose public, your subscribers will be notified when you go live and anyone can see your broadcast. If you choose unlisted, only viewers with the link can see your broadcast. And if you choose private only you can see the live stream.

Next, choose a name for your live stream and a category. When you click the next button YouTube will automatically create a thumbnail for your stream. So get ready and look at your webcam.

Next, you decide to share your live stream on social media and click the Go Live button. Once you are live a chat window will come up next to your live video. Make sure to keep an eye on the chatroom and engage with your audience. You will notice a nice little audio meter to check your levels at the bottom of the screen. When you are done you can click the end stream button. YouTube will ask you to confirm that you want to end your stream with a dialog box.

That is how easy it is to live stream on Facebook using the PTZOptics Webcam.

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