OCT 9, 2020: Widgeon has developed acute lameness in his left rear leg. He was seen by the critical care team and had a consult with a neurologist. His x-rays look normal. The cause could be viral, toxo or trauma (injury). Please do not be alarmed if he is upside down, or if you see his legs trembling, we are aware and monitoring closely along with our vet team. 🙂

SEP 5, 2020: Feral cat Naya gave birth for the last time to six beautiful kittens!

Weight chart: https://j.mp/3l7yiQF
SEP 1, 2020: Naya’s fecal test results finally came back and she is PCR positive for toxoplasmosis. We are trying to understand and prepare for what this will mean for her and her kittens. We were able to start treatment immediately, which is a big relief because we are very limited in options for safely treating pregnant cats. Even with treatment, this is a high risk situation for Naya’s kittens. We have more questions than answers at this point, and will keep you informed as we learn more.

JUNE 5, 2020: Sahara gave birth to five beautiful, healthy kittens! So far, mama and babies are all doing well!

MAY 21, 2020: Pregnant feral catermelon Sahara joined Stella today in the Feral Maternity Ward. Sahara is from Nano and Grandpa Mason’s feral colony, which is adjacent to the Happy Forest. There is a lot of crossover between cats at these two colonies, so chances are good these two have crossed paths and/or are closely or remotely related. Feral mamas are generally pretty accustomed to raising their kittens with other cats around, but we are monitoring very closely to ensure both mama cats are happy with each other’s companionship.

MAY 8, 2020: Stella had to have an emergency c-section after she started bleeding without having contractions. Thanks to the amazing team at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital, she gave birth to five beautiful kittens. Sadly, two were stillborn and we were unable to revive them. Three survived and we are doing everything we can to give them the best possible chance to thrive. Stella is recovering very well, and her uterus has finally been retired. Kittens are named: Twinkle (torbie girl), Thomas (ginger tuxie boy), Nash (ginger boy), Dorado (ginger boy, stillborn), Corvus (ginger boy with kinked tail, stillborn).

Please note: Stella is a rescued feral cat, and her environment, the way we interact with her, etc. are all tailored to minimize stress and maximize comfort whilst in captivity. If you have questions about why things are the way they are, please ask! There’s a reason for everything, and we have very good success using these techniques. 🙂

Each feral cat is different, and our job is to balance learning where their boundaries are, knowing when and how far to push boundaries to allow growth, and respecting boundaries enough to establish trust. In Stella’s case, we want to push her as much as possible before kittens are born to make it less stressful for her if she happens to need intervention during labor, and when we need to access kittens to weigh them and make sure they are healthy. The more we can learn and connect with her now, the easier this will be for her. Read on, for the rest of her incredible story!

APR 19 2020: Feral catermelon Stella has finally been trapped! At five years old, this is likely to be her 15th litter of kittens. Thankfully, it will also be her last. She and her kittens will be spayed so they can all live happy, healthy lives. Her kittens will be adopted into loving homes, and we will let Stella tell us whether she is ready for life with humans or whether she would be happiest returning to her feral forest family in our managed Happy Forest colony.

More about Stella’s feral colony, which has had more than 350 cats: http://tinykittens.com/happyforest

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Our VIP livestream: http://vip.tinykittens.com
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Weight Chart: https://j.mp/2WFyr2h

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