Mark Sudduth, Greg Nordstrum, Mike Farrow, and Brent Lynn are facing landfall of Major Hurricane Laura in Southwestern Lousiana.
Follow along with them and see what happens. Mark and Mike are riding it out in Shreveport, LA. Brent and Greg will be riding it out near Orange, TX.

This Part 6 of the Marco/Laura standard live streams.

Part 5 Laura day morning to evening:
Part 4 Lafayettte to Port Arthur, TX Including Cameron, Holly Beach, Sabine Pass:
Part 3 Gulfport to Lafayette:
Part 2: Gulfport Area –
Part 1: Lake City, FL to Gulfport –

360 VR Stream: Gulfport to Mandeville and Grand Isle –

Mark may switch to a 360 live stream, which would be under a different link.

The other remote camera streams are only for Patreons, however Mark will post and show images from them here at times. (Check twitter and public Patreon as well — see below)

Follow along from the back seat as they try to figure out where to go to set up cameras, weather stations, and more.

Voice recognition Auto Closed-Captioning is enabled for this stream. Feel free to use the chat, but when Mark is driving he won’t be able to respond. The chat is moderated.

Some times during the stream the audio may be muted for privacy.

Ride along and see how he sets up and does the field work. For more information see and check out his Patreon page to help support his work.

His videos of the Tracking the Hurricanes 2017 and 2018 seasons are available on Amazon Prime.

Mark’s Amazon Equipment Wishlist (another way of assisting, updated for 2020)


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