You are live streaming but you want to start using multiple camera angles and don’t have the budget to buy two mirrorless cameras? Maybe you have a GoPro MAX, HERO8 Black, or HERO7 Black around? Then you are setup to actually use that as your second (or first) webcam in OBS Studio.

In this video, I will show you what program you will need on your macOS system to receive the live stream and then also use it in your OBS Setup. All with Open Source Software ❤.

Note about the GoPro MAX: even though the MAX is a 360 camera, the live streaming via RTMP only works in Hero mode and thus is not going to be 360. You can, however, choose between the lenses to either stream with the front or back lens.

🔗 Relevant Links:

OBS Studio Download —

Mac Local RTMP Server Download for macOS —

GoPro MAX 360 Camera —

GoPro Hero 8 Camera —

GoPro Live Streaming Tutorial —

Local RTMP Server Tutorial for Windows —

🎧 Chapters / Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro
01:53 – Overview
05:06 – Tutorial Part
06:30 – Sidebar: RTMP Server for Windows
06:56 – macOS Free RTMP Server with User Interface
09:17 – GoPro Setup for RTMP Server Live Streaming
11:54 – Use an RTMP Server URL as a Source in OBS Studio
14:18 – GoPro Live Streaming Limitations
14:53 – Workaround for Continuous Powering the GoPro while Live Streaming
15:52 – Outro

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