Learn how to use a video camera for live streaming, or set up your DSLR as a webcam (super simple, and delivers a HUGE boost in livestream quality!) Plus, we’ll also look at my current livestream studio setup!

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HDMI Interface Units:
► Top Pick (2020) Elgato Cam Link 4k (mac & pc): https://primalvid.io/wtB1F (Amazon)
► BlackMagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder (mac): https://primalvid.io/WZfUnXA (Amazon)
► BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle (mac & pc): https://primalvid.io/zdh9n (Amazon)
► Epiphan AV.io 4k (mac & pc): https://primalvid.io/ai2iK (Amazon)
► Epiphan AV.io HD (mac & pc): https://primalvid.io/aqAu (Amazon)

Livestreaming Software:
► OBS: https://primalvideo.com/go/obs
► Ecamm Live: https://primalvideo.com/go/ecamm-live
► Wirecast: https://primalvideo.com/go/wirecast
► VMix: https://primalvideo.com/go/vmix

*** GEAR WE USE ***

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— How to Use a Video Camera for Live Streaming (or DSLR as a Webcam!) —

If you’re looking to boost the quality of your live streams, one of the BEST ways to do it is to start using your DSLR, camcorder, or other video camera.

While it may sound difficult, the process is actually super simple and works with most major live streaming software like open broadcaster software (OBS), Wirecast, XSplit, VMix and Ecamm Live.

Cool part is, even if you’re not live streaming to an audience, you can use the same process to configure your DSLR as a webcam the next time you’re shooting a pre-recorded online interview via Zoom or Skype (or hey, maybe you just want to look super crisp for that next video call with a special friend 😎 ).

In this video, we’ll show you exactly how to livestream with camcorders, video cameras and DSLRs (the process is the same!), and as we go I’ll show you my live streaming gear and talk through some of the things to consider next time you’re upgrading to make sure you get the best live streaming setup for you.

GEAR WE USE: http://primalvideo.com/gear
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