In this video I will show you how to livestream without the use of a capture card from start to finish with dslr video quality from the Canon T3i camera. To start with you will need three things.
First is the camera, A cable with mini usb connection which can connect to you pc via the usb port will work. Other Canon cameras with EOS Utility support will work as well.

You will need to install Canon EOS Utility Remote Control software in order to get your signal from the camera. It is free to use and you can also do numerous other functions with it.

Finally you will install OBS software in order to begin your stream. This process is fairly easy to complete and once you have done it a few times you should be up and going in no time.

If you need more help on this topic please reach out to me and I will give you further details and assistance. Let me know how well this turns out for you?
Do you know of another way? Have you ever used obs before?

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