Nikon Product & Training Specialist Chris Ogonek shares his tips for elevating your livestreams using a Nikon camera. Whether you’re just starting to try out livestreaming or you’ve been doing it for quite some time, your Nikon camera may already be equipped with features so you can stream high quality video through third-party software and/or hardware. There are two convenient options for connecting your Nikon camera to your computer and using it as a high quality webcam: USB Plug-n-Play, and the more advanced HDMI Output method.

• 00:35 – Nikon Camera vs. Webcam Quality
• 01:19 – How to Get Creative with your Livestream
• 01:42 – Focal Length for Livestreams
• 01:52 – Picture Control Settings
• 02:17 – Camera Livestream Tools
• 03:14 – How to Connect Camera with USB Cable
• 03:40 – How to Connect Camera with HDMI Cable
• 04:24 – HDMI Video Signal Capture Devices
• 04:43 – Compatible Streaming Software

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