DONATIONS Welcome to D & B Bison Ranch. We are located in eastern Oregon. The bison, aka buffalo, are on 440 acres of high desert sage brush and native grasses. Currently there are 37 animals in the herd. We usually feed hay from September through April depending on weather. We usually post on chat before we feed. The bison have the only watering hole for miles, so many native animals and birds visit the ranch to drink. Animals and birds you might see include jack rabbits, coyotes, badgers, deer, elk, antelope, ducks, Ibis, Avocet, Sandhill Crane, bald eagles, burrowing owls and more.

We love sharing the bison with everyone. The cost of feed is high and it takes time and money to maintain the stream. Please help us keep the animals fed and the cameras rolling by donating. You may make a donation by clicking the link above. Examples of how your donation can help: a donation of $35 would pay for 1 50lb bag of custom minerals and 1
50lb bag of salt. A donation of $65 would pay for 1 125lb tub of baked molasses protein supplement. A donation of $100 would pay for 1 bale of hay etc.
We are often in the chat room and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please – NO politics, no cussing, no advertising and no bullying!

Thank you for viewing!
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