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Springwatch takes a look at the lives of wild animals in their natural habitats, showcasing the beauty and diversity of wildlife around the UK. This year, Springwatch is in the Cairngorms in Scotland until 13 June.

Here are some of the animals you can see on today’s live cameras:

Bullfinches – this nest in the woods has chicks who are likely to fledge by 10 June.

Goldcrests – these are the smallest European birds. This nest has 7 chicks (we think) and we estimate they’ll fly the nest some time after 7 June.

Great spotted woodpecker – this is the first time we’ve had a camera inside a woodpecker’s nest which is hollowed out of a tree by the parents. There are 4 chicks inside.

Swallows – there are 4 eggs being kept warm in this nest just outside the Springwatch production cabins. We think they will hatch soon.

Treecreeper – this nest has 4 chicks who are only a few days old!

Pine Wood and River cams – these cameras have remarkable views of red squirrels, badgers, roe deer and even pine martens

See more live cameras from Springwatch here:

Find out more about Springwatch

Springwatch | BBC

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