Christmas Eve Buck on Cajun’s Live Deer Cam Eating Deer Candy streaming LIVE from North West Georgia, USA. – In Memory of My Dad!

Cam #1 – Deer Cam #1: We have Elusive Whitetails Deer Candy out. The Whitetail Does & Eastern Turkeys show up during the day. The Whitetail Bucks will stop by late evening and overnight.

Cam #2 – Camera under cover:

We have Elusive Whitetails Deer Candy in the Feed Pan and in the Feed Trough. Through the year we mix whole corn and oats for the deer and other critters.

Cam #3 – Camera in the field:

Cajun’s NEW auger-driven technology feeder by Capsule Feeders is filled with whole corn. The Capsule Feeder will turn on at 5:30 PM, & 6 PM (LIVE) on Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube 24/7.

Thanks for stopping to view the wildlife,

The Cajun and all who work hard to bring you the best content available.

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