Cajun’s Live Deer Cam for Saturday, October 27, 2018 ….. In Memory of my Dad!

This Live Stream is in honor of my dad who passed away on August 14th. Dad would watch the stream every night from his iPad. If it were not for my dad enjoying the wildlife out back I would have not researched hot to stream the wildlife live. Here’s to you pops!

We have some Elusive Whitetails Deer Candy out.

Tri-Pod, The Three Legged Whitetail Buck has a New Facebook page:… Tri-Pod has shed his antlers. Please stop by and LIKE his page.

Thanks to everyone for following the Live Deer Cam Stream and Thanks in advance for all the SHARES and LIKES.

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Thanks to Tennessee Valley Network for the great fiber optic service they provide for the residents of Dade County Georgia.

Thanks for stopping by to watch the Cajun’s Live Deer Cam Stream,

The Cajun Photographer


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