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A seemingly young beauty vlogger accidentally exposed herself when her beauty cam filter glitched during a live vlog, revealing her true 58-year-old identity.

What’s up guys and happy Monday, it’s Emile Ennis Jr. back here on Clevver News, and in what may be the most bizarre topic I’ve ever reported on, a beauty vlogger just managed to catfish the crap out of her 100,000+ social media followers at one time by way of technological glitch.

The Chinese vlogger, who is worshiped by her many followers as a young “cute goddess”, was recently exposed as an actual 58-year-old woman who’d been using a beauty filter during a livestream… like… WHAT? The vlogger was going about her livestream giving a routine broadcast on the streaming platform Douyu when the entire platform glitched, revealing her actual identity.

The filter was designed to alter appearances, making you look much younger and, let’s be real, #flawless. According to Chinese outlet Global Times, the vlogger was often praised by her followers for her “sweet and healing voice” and “cute” features.

Awkward… Her followers captured video of what she really looks like and put it side-by-side with her filtered identity, and I’m deeply shook to my very core.

Although her fans were aware of the fact that she was using a filter the entire time, they were entirely unaware that it was to this extreme. But apparently her followers are just THAT loyal, considering she told her fans she’d reveal her true face when they paid her more than 100,000 yuan AKA $14,500 US dollars!

This probably comes as a HUGE shock to you, but this little bribery only earned her, like, $5,000 until what I could only imagine was a reaction similar to an entire town after Princess Fiona turned into an ogre.

Anyway, once her true identity was revealed, she began losing large chunks of followers left and right, until she cut the cord.

Surprisingly enough, this situation actually helped her career in the long run. This chick is apparently beauty AND brains as she began capitalizing on her beauty bluder, claiming that it was all just a ploy to gain traction. She’s now taken advertisements for beauty cameras like the one that glitched, her Douyu profile page has garnered another whopping 650,000 followers, oh, and she’s also got plans to drop an album. I know, I can barely trust my own words right now.

On that note, I’m gonna let you guys do the talking… I’m legitimately interested to hear your wildest thoughts on this so get the conversation going down here in the comments.

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