This is a Teens4Oceans Project and the charter site for the now widely used CleanSweep™ PTZ self-cleaning webcam system. Trevor and Teens4Oceans, working closely with Dr. Billy Causey and Dr. Dan Basta, both Directors with the National Marine Sanctuary Program, and Don DeMaria, a commercial diver and fisherman, deployed the first of many versions of an underwater, live streaming webcam at the park. The Bahia Honda State Park site was chosen based on the natural history of the goliath grouper in this area. Don DeMaria became involved due to of his vast knowledge of the goliath grouper, and he continues to work with Teens4Oceans and this project. He was also instrumental in supporting the implementation of the 1990 moratorium on the harvest of the goliath grouper, which is still in effect today. The camera system at Bahia Honda State Park is in place to this day, although with many upgrades and changes taking place over the years including the addition of a VITB Science Node with pH and two temperature probes. The live stream from Bahia Honda State Park is fully powered by on-site solar and wind infrastructure and is located on a bridge structure.


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