MULTICAM INFORMATION: (Only works on Desktop PC’s) To change to a different camera you can click the camera icon to the right of the resolution selection on the video and select the camera you would like to watch.

Welcome To Lonestar Critter Watch. This is a multi-cam live stream of several different feeding places around the area. Please subscribe and give us a thumbs up! If you have any questions please email us at

Live deer cam, raccoon, squirrel, bird, coyote, wild hogs, skunks, and critter wildlife cam located in Northern Jack County Texas. About 90 miles Northwest of Dallas-Fort Worth or 40 miles Southeast of Wichita Falls. With multiple views you can see several different wildlife at different times of the day! We also have other multiple livestreams available to view. To view the other livestreams visit the channel at

Discord Server:

Pig Feeder Times: 7:00 PM – 1 AM Every 2 hours for 5 seconds.

If you would like to make a donation for the purchase of corn for the pigs. A $7.00 donation will buy 50ibs of corn for the pig trough. Just type in the donation message box “Donation for the Pig Trough”. 50ibs of corn will feed the pigs for one night. If you donate $14.00 it will purchase 100ibs of corn and will feed them for 2 nights with the feed trough. If you do donate your donations will be listed in the description. Just follow the link below to donate. All donations are much appreciated!

$7.00 50ibs 1 Night.
$14.00 100ibs 2 Nights.
$21.00 150ibs 3 Nights.
$28.00 200ibs 4 Nights.
$36.00 250ibs 5 Nights.
$42.00 300ibs 6 Nights.
$48.00 350ibs 7 Nights.

If you would like to donate privately follow this link.

Users who have donated to feed the pigs.
-Users will be listed here who have donated to feed the pigs.(If you donate privately your username will not be listed here)

1. Anonymous – 2 Nights.

Feed Refill Dates:

ISP: Comcell – Fiber Optic Internet – Windthorst, TX –


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