Weaponsandstuff93 Stream
In these streams we do not discuss politics or religion without good reason, please keep these topics to yourself, anyone trying to derail the stream will be blocked without warning. Talking about illegal content will also result in a ban, behave and there will not be a problem.
Why Audio Streams?
Because I can do them in any light conditions and people don’t get distracted by the background.
What is my favourite gas mask?
Currently it’s the Avon CT12
Where do I buy most of my surplus?
Do you want to move to America?
Yes but I could not afford to.
Do you play airsoft?
I have done and own an airsoft AEG however it’s not convenient to skirmish often.
What is the mask in the background and don’t you hate it?
It’s the Scott GSR, it’s a bad mask but looks cool.
Do you have a discord server?
Yes for patrons only, see the patreon link below. However discord abuse may result in the server being deleted.
Have you served in the military?
No I am medically unfit to serve. Please do not ask further personal questions regarding that.

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