Welcome everyone to CritterSpace, a Live 24/7 streaming cam of wildlife from right outside our back door.

Our wildlife cam was set up and we began streaming on 10/19/2020
We live in a remote area in the middle of Georgia and the camera is set up about 50 yards from our back door. We also have neighbors, so you will at times hear dogs barking and even us talking. We also raise sheep and chickens that live in a fenced in area behind the camera out in the pasture.
NOTE: The reason we do not have water for the animals out is because we have a large pond on the left side of where the camera is located.

Local wildlife here includes Birds, Whitetail Deer, Opossums, Fox, Squirels, Racoons, Beavers, Otters, Rabbits, Coyotes, Hogs and more. You may even see a black bear at times.

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