This is a nest on a barge in Port Lincoln South Australia. It is at the entrance to the Lincoln Cove Marina. The Ospreys have been nesting here prior to us purchasing the barge in 2015. We moved the nest from another barge to this current barge as it is higher out of the water and more stable. We then installed a security camera and solar panels so that we can watch the nest 24/7. Our Osprey don’t migrate, and we don’t have problems with predators, but in the past, we have had lots of siblicide and yet there was always plenty of fish being delivered.
The nest is 1.25m by 1.5m.
The daily highlights and previous history of this nest can be viewed on the Port Lincoln Osprey Facebook page –

2020 – Three eggs were laid. 11th, 14th & 17th August 2020. All three eggs hatched. 20th, 21st & 24th September 2020.
They have been given Unisex names as we don’t know their gender as yet.
The first born was named Solly after Fran Solly from Take 2 Photography who supplies most of the great still photos you see on the Port Lincoln Osprey Facebook page.
The second born was named Dew, after the Department of Environment & Water as without their help we would never have received permission to band/ring last season’s chicks and also satellite track 2 chicks from 2020.
The last born, 3 days after the second Osprey, we have called Taps, named after Graham Tapley. Without his help we wouldn’t have the camera on the nest at Thistle Island – and also because he has a twin sister – but he was born three days after her. Unfortunately Taps died at 18 days old. There were 7 fish brought to the nest the previous day but the two elder chicks didn’t allow him to feed well.

2019 – Three eggs laid – One broke within an hour but the other two hatched on the 18th & 20th September 2019.

2019.10.29 – Both chicks were banded by Ian Falkenberg with stainless steel (ABBBS), Australian Bird & Bat Banding Scheme bands on their right legs.
Calypso has a blue band and Star has a yellow band on their left legs for easy identification. Calypso weighed 1.5kg and Star 1.35kg.

Calypso has been sighted several times in 2020 and has revisited the barge on a few occasions.
Unfortunately, Star has not been sighted since she lifted off in the wind a few days after her first flight.
They were named Calypso & Star after the shark cage diving company Calypso Star Charters Pty Ltd that help sponsor and support this nest.

2018 – Three eggs laid – Two hatched on the 13th & 16 September 2019. – Both fledged – First time ever – We called them Layla, after Layla Kenny who was vising here with the Elliston School and it was her 8th birthday & Flinders after Matthew Flinders as he discovered Port Lincoln.

2017 – Three eggs laid – Two hatched on the 9th & 11 September 2017 – Eldest (Nurrin) tossed the youngest (Stevie) off nest. They were 67 & 65 days old – We rescued the youngest (Stevie) who was sent to rehab but unfortunately died several months later.
Nurrin was named after suggested names were taken from Facebook and Stevie was named after Steve Irwin.

2016 – Three eggs laid – Three hatched – Eldest killed two youngest in first two weeks – One fledged.

2015 – Three eggs laid – Three hatched – Eldest killed two youngest in first few weeks – One fledged.


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