B&H’s OPTIC conference returns for its 6th year as a full livestream experience, bringing you the world’s best wildlife, travel and landscape photography content, courtesy of B&H Photo & Lindblad Expeditions.

Click to watch Day 01: https://bhpho.to/3dWlPes

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For the full OPTIC Experience please visit: https://bhpho.to/OPTIC2020

Day 02 Schedule:
0:00 – Commercial break
27:39 – Introduction with David Brommer
28:44 – Lisa Langell: Raptors: New Perspectives & Styles to Photograph A Classic Subject
1:32:34 – Ron Magill: Lions, Leopards and Jaguars, Oh My!
2:36:25 – Caroline Jensen: Relax with Macro: Stress Relief in Your Own Backyard
4:25:45 – Clyde Butcher: Art Comes from The Heart
5:51:55 – Jay Dickman: Travel Photography: How We Share Who We Are
6:56:18 – Trupal Pandya: Portraits on The Go
7:53:58 – Annie Griffiths: Photography for Good
9:07:56 – Rich Reid: iPhone: The Photographer’s Essential Tool

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