Pete Hutchinson of Outsight Creations tests out the Mevo Plus 4K live streaming camera, which can record 4K internally and live stream over wi-fi in up to full HD. This allows the Mevo Plus to create additional shots by cropping in from the 4K image, and with the aide of its dedicated app means you can easily create your own multi-camera style live shows.

If you’re looking for a dedicated and straightforward live streaming set up to help grow your online presence, then this could be the solution for you.


The Mevo Plus allows users to broadcast live Full HD video to a wide variety of platforms, or record in 4K to Micro SD card. Connect to your favourite streaming platform via Wi-Fi, LTE (using a hotspot), or Ethernet, so you’ve always got your bases covered.

When connected to the Mevo app on a smartphone, users can easily access and share their clips. Stream in HD. Record in 4K. Broadcast live in Full HD 1080p to supported platforms or record in stunning 4K to the included Micro SD card.

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