The following live stream is broadcasted from Melbourne CBD Victoria Australia.

The peregrine Falcons have been living in the nest boxes on the building’s ledge since the early 1990s,

Approximately 4 years ago a high-resolution camera was installed to monitor and to share the life of the Falcons to the world.

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We are all here for the enjoyment and educational benefits of watching these magnificent Peregrine Falcons. In order to maintain their safety, there are some expectations of users. People who ignore these expectations will be warned, placed into timeout or blocked by moderators.

The location of the nest boxes cannot be disclosed and any comments about their exact location will be deleted. This is for the welfare of the Peregrines and in the interests of management on site. This live stream is very popular and many people want to know specifics of the nest location. Dr Victor Hurley (project manager) asks that people refrain from all discussions about these details. Not knowing them doesn’t detract from the joy of watching this event as it unfolds.

This is an active wildlife site. A 100% positive outcome is not guaranteed. Rescues will not occur. This means that some birds may not survive – whether due to injury, illness or failure to thrive – and that no interventions to save them will be done. Also, please be aware that Peregrine Falcons are birds of prey which often consume live prey at the nest.

This active wildlife site has a ‘hands off’ approach. Please don’t request that the falcons be named or for anything to happen to the site/camera/building. Enjoy the viewing experience!

Please mind your manners and language – there are children watching, and we want the site to be safe and friendly for all. People who are inappropriate, argumentative, aggressive or attack each other will be muted or blocked. Please type in English and don’t use the chat to promote your channel, advertise other sites or sell your products.

The birds are on a long ledge with a nest box at either end. As the chicks become mobile, they move up and down the ledge, so sometimes they move out of camera. The camera can be moved to focus, however movement will be limited and may stay set for long periods of time. If the birds have settled at the other end, we may not see them but there is no need to be alarmed.

If you have enjoyed these wonderful birds, please consider donating to the Victorian Peregrine Project to help continue this work. Donations can be made through BirdLife Australia. Choose ‘Current Appeal’ from the category list and place ‘Victorian Peregrine Project’ in the comment box.

For more information about Peregrine Falcons or any Australian birds, please visit

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