Clean and crisp HD video. Avg built-in mic, but auto-focus/lighting work well. Great for live streaming and chat apps. Amazon Affiliate Product Link:

Lapel mic I’m using in the video: [Amazon Affiliate Product Link]
Also check out the Logitech C920: [Amazon Affiliate Product Link]

The camera has a 6’ USB cord and comes with a mini 8″ tripod. I’ve been using the older model the C920 for a couple years and it has served me well during that time. However, I need to replace it because it’s starting to behave somewhat erratically.

The C922 camera has the same footprint as the original measuring 4” across, 1.5” high and 3″ long. On the front is the 1080p HD lens and on the sides are the built-in stereo mic. The status LED on the sides are white instead of the blue and cannot be disabled as on the previous model. On the bottom there’s a 1/4” thread mounting hole for standard tripod mounting and the base splits open so that you can place the webcam over the top of a monitor or laptop screen.

The microphone was comparable to the C920 built-in mic but was somewhat quieter though seemed to filter out more background noise at the same time. At 1080p resolution the max frame rate is 30fps, but at 720p you can go up to 60 fps, which is a new feature for this camera. The auto-focus is speedy and the auto brightness does a nice job keeping the brightness constant if light levels change. The focusing time is slightly quicker than the C920’s performance and there is little latency that I noticed in the recordings.

I did try to test out the automatic background removal with Personify Chromacam, but unfortunately I never got it to work properly with OBS on my Windows 10 system. It worked once, and during that test I was able to somewhat replace the background in my video with a green screen, but it wasn’t entirely accurate and sometimes it removed my hair or left part of the chair; if I moved around enough the entire screen would go to green screen. After that one time Chramacam just kept crashing OBS when I opened it. I can’t recommend the camera for that particular feature based on my experience with the camera/software. I’m sure future update will fix this, though I’ve been reading online for now the software is just really buggy and unreliable.

Overall, the C922 is a solid webcam and the video performance is slightly better than the C920. If you’re happy with your C920 and don’t need a new webcam, I think you can skip the upgrade this round. However, if you need a camera with clear and crisp video right now, I’d definitely pick the C922 over the C920.

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