Our live deer trail camera is located in West Texas near San Angelo on a wildlife trail in the center of our ranch and is online and running 24 hours a day.

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Top Donators
$1600 Terrpin
$440 Sharikas
$250 Feline Fe
$225 BillLisa
$200 Raven’s Treasures
$175 BrookeStevens
$150 Cougar
$150 Gerf
$150 LisaHS
$135 Big Iron
$75 Melancholy
$75 Blaze Dizzle
$75 Lee
$50 KidDuKnott
$50 David Pierce
$50 Brooke Stevens
$40 DannyTaylor
$40 bandon bros.
(If donation total is incorrect email me and i’ll get this fixed.)

Top User Points of 2019
#1 Krowntre 5.6 Trillion
#2 Sharikas 5.1 Trillion
#3 Dark Light 4.7 Trillion

Honorary Points Award 2019
Terrpin 1 Quadrillion Points – Mostly donated by those who were her friends. Thank you to everyone who donated these points. We will never forget Terrpin, may she rest in Peace.

Chat commands
!weather san angelo(or other city) or !weather city, country code (!weather Red Deer, Alberta) – Get current weather
!forecast san angelo(or other city) get future weather forecast
!dogfacts – Get random dog fact
!catfacts – Get random cat fact
!advice – get advice
!dadjokes – get a dad joke
!numfacts – get number facts
!dogs – Information about our dogs
!cows – Information about the cows
!rules – Get chat rules
!quotebot – Say random quote about animals
!discord – shows discord chat download and url to connect to chat

Point related commands
!points – Get your total points and rank
​!mypos – Display your current rank # and position
!top5points – Get top 5 ranks based on points
!top5time – Get top 5 ranks based on time spent in chat
!pointsuser *username* – Display how many points any user has

Point system
Every 5 minutes spent online will give you points.
Correct trivia answers will give points each correct answer
Game – bet every 20mn. Lose under 27. 28-45 win double, 46-49 win triple & #50 win JP

🔹 Animal Appearance Times
🦌 Deer show up daily around 6:00 PM Central / 7:00 PM Eastern / 4:00 PM Pacific and continue to show up until midnight usually.
🐰 Rabbits show up around 6:00 PM Central / 7:00 PM Eastern / 4:00 PM Pacific and stay around all night until about 3:00 AM or later.
🐼 Raccoons usually come 10:00 PM Central / 11:00 PM Eastern / 8:00 PM Pacific or later and stay until 5:00 AM depending on the current food reserves.
🐀 Pack rats live in the large bush and they come out during the day and night.
🐦Quail come during the early morning at sun up and right before sunset to feed on bird seed we scatter in the grass.
🐦Cardinals come during the day

🔹 Animal List of animals that possibly can be seen.
Armadillo, Axis Deer, Badger, Bobcats, Collared Peccary, Cows, Hare / Jackrabbit, Javelina, Mexican Ground Squirrel, North American Porcupine, Opossums, Pronghorn, Quail, Rabbits, Raccoons, Sika Deer, Turkey, White-tailed Deer

🔹 Plants
Nolina Texana – The wispy bush towards the right and left of the screen.
Juniperus Ashei – Large green trees in the background.
Yucca – Bushes on the far left in the grass and in the middle back area.
Holly – Tree/bush behind the Nolina Texana bush.

🔹 Copyright 2018
Feel free to clip any videos you like and share them on your youtube channel as long as you give credit and link to our channel in the description.

🔹 Nearby cities
Large:San Angelo
Small:Eden, Paint Rock, Millersview, Ballinger, Brady


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