Just received the new Insta360 One X camera. Thought we would go live and chat a little bit and see how it works out. My findings are below…

Some Issues I noticed:
1) Live 360 Stitching is really bad even though the Preview does not show the stitching error. (Now Fixed as of ver 1.0.7)

2) Colors are dull and can’t find a setting to fix it. (Defective Camera – replacement worked fine.)

3) The app defaults to stream live at 2Mbps even though it recommended setting is 4Mbps. (Thus 4 should be the default.)

4) No way to adjust image settings once you start to stream.

5) It totally kills the phone battery as it is using the phone to preview the image and do all the Wi-Fi streaming. Should be able to turn off the screen to save battery.

Insta360 One X: https://amzn.to/2JRrx32