Welcome to the home of the Jersey City Falcon Cam – a popular webcam that has captured the annual life cycle of a pair of state endangered Peregrine falcons nesting on a Jersey City skyscraper. This is the 19th season of 24/7 live streaming video, which is the oldest online streaming wildlife camera in New Jersey. In 2014, Conserve Wildlife Foundation undertook a fundraising effort to save the Falcon Cam, which was run by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Endangered and Nongame Species Program.

This is a nesting pair of falcons with the female Juliet 41/AX banded about 4 years old. The male is unbanded and age unknown. Juliet 41/AX has laid two eggs so far this season! First egg laid on 3.28.19 and 2nd egg on 4.2.19.

In 2018, she laid 4 eggs and only one hatched. The young eyas was not growing properly & was removed for a health evaluation. Three foster eyases where placed in this nest that were found orphaned. Juliet raised all three successfully to fledge. Her young baby named JC was fostered into another nest and fledged successfully as well.

In 2017, she laid 3 eggs – 2 were not viable and were removed. It is likely they were not fertilized given the age of the female. The baby was banded on 6.22.17 and is BD/62 and successfully fledged. We nicknamed her Joy Bea.

Here Juliet is seen with her two eggs from the pinhole view cam. Dad Jersey flies in with a small food item and takes over incubation. Thank you for watching!

Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk

The nest is located on the the rooftop of a New Jersey Skyscraper.

Courtesy of Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ. Watch live at: