Wireless GoPro to OBS https://youtu.be/WfCuZAr3GeA

Hot swap the battery on your GoPro Hero 8 WHILE STREAMING. Also stream to OBS from ANYWHERE! I recently discovered these features when messing around with live streaming and they are completely game changing. Hope you enjoy!

Phone to OBS tutorial https://youtu.be/O0SOYS6_Bnw

Special thanks to the channel sponsors!


TINT DEPOT is the e-commerce store to visit for your premium window film products. We strive to provide superior customer service, along with premium tint,so that our customers know they can always count on us. Call us at 979-637-8223.


There are many helpful apps and tools available, but most software out there are not designed to tackle the specific workflow and challenges that present themselves to tinters. Tint Wiz™ is a CRM app designed specifically for window tint companies. Book appointments, create proposals, send invoices, schedule jobs, manage tasks, and more.


Glass Aid is a 10 mil thick protective cut resistant strip that is meant to protect the glass from your knife. It’s white color make it easy to see through even the darkest of films. It’s flexible construction allows it to easily be formed around corners and it is heat resistant so it won’t melt during shrinking. Glass Aid is also designed to remove cleanly so you don’t have to worry about leaving adhesive behind when you remove it. This product is perfect for beginners and pros alike!


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