In this video, I show you how you can use any high-end camera(such as your Sony mirrorless like A7Riii, A7Rii, A7Sii, A6500,A6300, GH4, GH5, RED, camcorder, DSLR, etc…) as a webcam on your computer for high-quality livestreams. Most webcams are horrible in quality and this is a way to get much better quality. Would work great for livestreamers like gamers. Camera I am currently using as webcam:
Sony A6300:
Sony 28-70mm Kit Lens: Encoders(Game Capture) I am using currently:
Elgato HD60:
Avermedia U3: You can mix different brands to use multiple cameras. Don’t use the same brand as most don’t let you use them simultaneously, that is why I have 2 different brands for 2 different angles when I do livestream. Also recommended software:
XSplit: (What I use now)
OBS: (Free) I also recommend Atomos Ninja Flame for 4K external recording/monitor: (I use this ALL THE TIME) If you are not doing livestreaming or screen recording, using a game capture will also allow you to use your camera as webcam for stuff like Skype or any other video messenger. The best part about this setup is that if you use an interchangeable lens, you can change the lens and get a completely different angles such as zoom-ins or super wide-angle shots. Subscribe to my camera channel if you want more camera vids:
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