In this tutorial I will show and teach you how to make a simple but professional looking Twitch livestream webcam frame in my all time preferred style.

This tutorial will come in two parts. Part two (this video) we’ll create a Twitch webcam frame, and in part one we have already created a livestream overlay in the same style as the webcam frame.

Watch part one here:

Download the resource pack for this tutorial here:

“This might be my most requested tutorial of all time by my subscribers and viewers.”

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Music used:
Acoustic Swooshes Natural Single Dark 1 Short – Johan Bob├Ąck
Stargazed 1 – August Wilhelmsson
Stargazed 2 – August Wilhelmsson
Stargazed 3 – August Wilhelmsson

Music lincense:
None of the music used in this video is mine. The music is from and I am free to use their music because I am a partnered with Makerstudios,

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