We just took in two 😻😻 Foster Kitties! We believe they are around 5 weeks old and they will be available for adoption to a forever home in about 3 to 4 weeks.

Say Hi in the chat!

Type !names to meet the pets and !commands to see what else the chatbot can do.

More commands and games coming soon!


AMAZON WISHLIST: We’re getting everything set up but donations can be made at:

All donations will go to:
Kitten food
litter/pee pads
getting them fixed
Toys/scratchers, etc
upgrading equipment to a better camera (only when we reach our goal)

CuteAvalanche started as Tumblr blog featuring cute animals, it quickly grew to thousands of followers and we’re hoping we can use some of that success to help the animals in our world. Our first step in to this endeavor is Fostering stray cats and kittens in Los Angeles in attempts to get them placed in forever homes with families that love them.

Find the Live Streaming Kitten Cam Every Day on: