TEIFI THE DEFENDER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxKc3nfZSko&feature=youtu.be

13th August – TELYN LAST SEEN at 19:12
25th August – TYWI LAST SEEN at 07:00

Dyfi Chick Migration Age graph: http://www.dyfiospreyproject.com/our-ospreys/dyfi-osprey-statistics/migration-stats

TYWI FLEDGES – 08:52 on 14th July. He fledged at 48 days, 16 hrs and 22 mins old.
TEIFI FLEDGES – 07:15 on 20th July. He fledged at 52 days 18 hours 41 minutes old.

Chick 1 – KC7 – TYWI (1470g, wing-length 312mm)
Chick 2 – KC6 – TEIFI (1430g, wing-length 282mm)

RINGING BLOG & VIDEO: http://www.dyfiospreyproject.com/blog/emyr-mwt/2020/07/01/2020-ringing

TELYN RETURNED: 2nd April at 18:43
IDRIS (UN-RINGED MALE): 5th April at 15:20 (Monty did not return)

1st EGG – 17th April at 05:58
2nd EGG – 20th April at 01:40 (67 hours & 42 mins after 1st egg)
3rd EGG – 22nd April at 22:56 (69 hours & 16 minutes after 2nd egg)

1st CHICK HATCHED – 26th MAY at 16:30 (Egg No 2: 36 days 14 hours 50 mins)
2nd CHICK HATCHED – 28th MAY at 12:34 (Egg No 3: 35 days 13 hours 38 minutes)

1st EGG: Did Not Hatch

30th June: Both chicks ringed (35 and 33 days old)

Time between chick one and two: 1 day, 20 hours, 4 minutes.

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WHO ARE WE? Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust

WHO ARE THESE OSPREYS? Idris (male, unringed) and Telyn (ringed 3J)

WHERE IS THIS NEST LOCATED? Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve, mid Wales. SY20 8SR.

HAS THIS NEST BEEN SUCCESSFUL BEFORE? Yes, ospreys have been breeding at this nest consecutively for 10 years: Monty & with Nora (2011 & 2012), Monty & Glesni (2013 – 2017), Monty & Telyn (2018 – 2019) and Idris & Telyn (2020 – )

CAN YOU VISIT IN PERSON? Normally yes, but we are closed due to the Corona virus lock down.

The Dyfi Osprey Project is a wild osprey nest. Please know that there are scenarios that some viewers may find difficult to watch. Interactions with other wildlife, sibling rivalry and weather can impact the eggs and/or ospreys. While we hope for a successful season, remember, anything could happen. This is not Disney World.

DOP Chat Rules

1. People of all ages and backgrounds watch the DOP Live Streaming and log on to the Live Chat, including school children. Please use language that is appropriate for children to read, and be kind and respectful at all times. There is no ‘watershed’ time where it is acceptable to let your hair down.

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6. Please do not give out information or allude to other nests of ospreys which are not in the public domain, or any bird that is protected by law (most of them)

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10. Subject matter. This is an osprey website where we talk about ospreys and wildlife. Of course it is acceptable to talk about other day to day things, notwithstanding point 4 above. Again, it is just a matter of common sense. Remember, we are focused primarily on the Dyfi ospreys.

11. We all like a good discussion and sometimes things can get a bit heated. However, please avoid excessive negativity and criticism, or supporting a stance with dubious or fictitious information.

12. If you ask a question and don’t get an answer, please don’t feel you are being ignored. Copy and paste then ask the question again a few minutes later. It can get hectic at times, questions easily get lost.

13. We get many emails and messages regarding excessive use of “Hi-byes”. Coming onto the chat, quickly saying ‘hi’ to numerous people, then ‘bye’, before quickly disappearing then starting the pattern all over again some time later. Again, it’s just common sense really


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