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HD Webcam PeopleLink i7, with widescreen video capturing and recording. Best HD webcam 1080p camera for desktop, laptop, video conferencing, video calling and video recording with tripod point. Best webcam in the market in the given budget range.

Ideal for Video Calling, video conferencing, video meetings and Video Interviews.

Highlights of i7 webcam:
Easy to set up and install, plug and play
Very easy to mount to monitor, laptop, LED TV or tripod
Professional quality 1080p HD video quality
Live video at 30fps
Auto Low Light Adjustment
Best webcam for live streaming, YouTube, Video Conferencing, Video Calling
Compatible with all major Operating Systems
Dual Microphones for crystal clear audio
Lightweight, easy to carry around in laptop bag and while traveling.
Compatible for Skype, Google Hangouts, Webex and other video conference meetings

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